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Support Services


Support Services

St Gerard's offers a series of services to supplement the various programs. The various support services include:

Parent Training

Parent training provides the theoretical base as well as practical experience to help parents take on the role of 'teacher' to their children. Parents are encouraged to assume an active role in helping their children progress at a much faster rate. The ultimate aim is to empower parents so that they can use the knowledge and skills acquired with their children independently and confidently. Parents also benefit from the opportunities to meet other parents, thus enabling them to provide and receive emotional support to and from one another. St Gerard's encourages parents to attend the various parent training and education programs offered by the school. The parent trainer is a staff of St Gerard's or a consultant in related field. Training will be conducted in small groups to enhance the personalized tell, show and guide method of training. Ideally, both parents should attend to ensure consistency in carry-over of what is learnt with the child. Should domestic helpers be the main caregiver of the child, whilst the parents are at work, they too are encouraged to attend the training.

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