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School Environment

Children in Playground


St Gerard's preschool is set in the lush greenery

The environment in St Gerard's prechool is one which is well organized and planned to support positive interactions and to meet individual and group needs. There are clearly defined activity centres that accommodate one to five children.

Use of low furniture to define areas, allowing teachers to see into all areas, while at the same time giving children a sense of privacy.

Centres set up for different kinds of activities: dramatic play, art, blocks, table toys, books, sand and water, and large muscle activities.

Noisy centres separated from quiet centres; for example, the blocks and imaginative play centres located together, separated from quiet-time relaxation and writing centres.

Materials displayed on low shelves where children can reach what they need.

Private hideaways and soft spaces where children can relax and be alone or with a friend

Materials displayed on shelves near where they will be used, and picture labels showing where each object belongs.

Pictures on the walls at the children's eye level; their work should be displayed, as well as selected pictures relevant to the children's interests.


The classroom in St Gerard's is a safe and comfortable place that is well lit and well ventilated. It has ample window space and direct access to a playground, water and toilet facilities. The room needs to be large enough to provide adequate storage space for materials and floor space for activity centres. As most children need to be active, there are a variety of work spaces.

The classrooms have learning centres of many types. 

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