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Parent Involvement


Parent Involvement

Parents play a central role in the development of their children. Parents are their children's first teachers and family influences are lifelong. At St Gerard's, we advocate strong parental involvement in the education and development of children. Parental involvement is encouraged in many ways:

Kids Research Group

Family - School Partnership:

St Gerard's School is committed to fostering a strong home/preschool connection by creating a process of open, honest communication with you about your child 's experience and development at our school. Parents are full partners in a team approach when working with children. This includes a continual exchange of information between you and our staff. Family involvement, shared decision making about your child's experience in school, and support of family life are a vital part of our program.


Excellent communication is crucial to the success and well being of any institution, family or school. At St Gerard's, we work hard to partner with you and communicate with you clearly and often. If you would like to meet with your child's teacher or the Principal, please feel free to contact them. The Parent-Teacher Communication Book serves as another channel of communications between the parent and the teachers. Reminders, suggestions, questions, concerns can be conveyed on a daily basis through the communications book.

Classroom Observations

Parents are welcome to observe the classrooms at St Gerard's at any time. Though it is not required, we request that you make an appointment with your child's teacher in order to avoid scheduling conflicts in the classroom.

Group Games for Kids
Kids in Preschool

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Each teacher at St Gerard's is trained in child development and is an experienced observer of young children. Throughout the year, we keep a close eye on your child's progress in each area of development. We rely on parents to let us know about their child's behavior at home, as well as any special events you wish to share with us. Two parent/teacher conferences are scheduled during the school year. They are a key part of your child's Preschool experience. Please make every effort to attend both.

We want to offer you a variety of creative ways to participate in our school:

≫ Parenting seminars and family events are held throughout the year.
≫ Committees made up of parent volunteers meet throughout the year to work on projects
≫ that enhance our school.
≫ We encourage you to share your ideas and concerns with our staff anytime.
≫ You are invited to come into your child's classroom and may choose to share a special
≫ activity or project (cooking projects, reading to children, sharing information about your occupation, etc).
≫ We have family resources to help you find books, articles, videotapes and other helpful materials on parenting, child development, health and nutrition and other family topics.

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