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The curriculum is developed through teacher observation, evaluation of individual children, and careful creative planning. We trust children to show us what and how to plan and structure their environment. We invite families to become part of the planning process for their children. We strive to promote a child's natural curiosity and excitement about learning. We recognize that each child is uniquely different. Our approach is to provide children with a rich learning environment to learn at their own pace. When children learn they have freedom to make choices and decide what to do in a classroom, they will more actively explore, manipulate, and question objects and ideas. The teacher's role is to be actively engaged with the children-to co-construct experiences, to observe and research their learning, to discuss and develop learning directions with parents, and to provide an environment that challenges the children.

We are pleased to offer a completed curriculum designed to develop children as young as 2 years old to primary. Children meeting the admission criteria can enroll in any of the programs below. The teacher-to-student ratio is kept small to maximize learning and provide individual attention.


Core Programs

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